Purpose of Establishment


優質的觀光休閒服務人才是發展觀光的基礎,也是構成觀光產業的重要部門,其服務品質的水準影響觀光發展的成就,因此,重視觀光發展的國家無不致力培育優質的觀光休閒服務人才。 近年來,由於台灣內外環境國際化腳步增快,國人相對往昔更珍惜自然環保、健康維護、永續幸福的人文訴求,結合文明、文化、生態、休憩、樂活、健康之趨勢理念。為了符合本校「教育全人化」、「學習科技化」、「課程產業化」、「活動社區化」四大發展策略。

High-quality tourism and leisure service talents are the basis for the development of tourism and are also an important sector of the tourism industry. The level of service quality affects the achievements of tourism development. Therefore, countries that value tourism development are all committed to cultivating high-quality tourism and leisure service talents. In recent years, due to the rapid pace of the internationalization of Taiwan's internal and external environments, the people of Taiwan cherish the humanistic demands of natural environmental protection, health maintenance, and sustainable happiness more than in the past, combining the trend concepts of civilization, culture, ecology, rest, livelihood, and health. In order to comply with the four major development strategies of our school: "Education-realization", "Learning Technology", "Curriculum-industrialization", and "Activities being Community-realized".

本校有感於社會結構的改變,一般民眾重視生活品質,帶動觀光休閒風潮的蓬勃發展。尤其是服務型社會的形成所導致的觀光產業人力需求備為殷切。遂成立觀光休閒系,期待為國家培育育優質的觀光休閒服務人才。 為了符合本校辦學核心「誠樸精勤」與辦學使命「精進學生專業知識與技能使成為一個兼具理論與實務之中高階專業人才」。

The school is aware of the changes in the social structure, and the general public attaches great importance to the quality of life, which has promoted the vigorous development of tourism and leisure. In particular, the demand for manpower in the tourism industry caused by the formation of a service-oriented society is ardent. Then the Department of Tourism and Leisure was established, looking forward to nurturing high-quality tourism and leisure service talents for the country. In order to meet the core of the school's "sincerity and diligence", as well as the mission of "improving students' professional knowledge, and skills to become a high-level professional with both theory and practice".


The department plans to become a "high-quality tourism and leisure professional service talent training center" as the medium and long-term development goal. Based on the current development of tourism and leisure, the employment field and job position of the graduates of this department are planned. In order to improve students' quality and employment competitiveness, the department plans to cultivate knowledge, technology, attitude, character and service education, etc., and strengthen students through academic cooperation and exchanges in education related to the tourism and leisure industry across the country. Professional and international perspectives of tourism and leisure business; and through various practical topics, relevant license counseling and awards, tourism lectures, on-campus internship courses, industry-academic double teachers, business visits, and high-level industry executives with practical experience to participate in the lectures , Let students understand the appearance and characteristics of the industry before graduation, fully integrate the verification and implementation between theory and practice, and make the best preparation for employment. In order to achieve the educational goal of "graduation is employment, and going to work is getting started".